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Wrath of Asura : thought-provoking questions.

Asura is the symbolism of all the evil and negative force. Modernization and digitalization did not go down well with him and he is now ready with a few cerebral questions. This version of Asura can be best described as “avant-garde”. He is now not empowered with any weapons but a philosophical disposition. Rebuttal to Asura’s rhetoric will be difficult for Devi this time.

O, Devi! Every year you won’t miss your Martyolok sojourn.

Can your aura survive the bite of modernization?

Creation has now eclipsed the creator.

Advancement or obliteration -Which destination are we heading for?

Four hours of Insta - FB outage brought civilization to its knees,

As Martyolok is all about likes and Reels.

Remove the dark veils from our heart

Greed-hate-enmity is now in one cart.

Press the button, reset the game.

Let us go back to old innocence and reverse the mayhem!

PS: This is an excerpt from a Spoof called "T4: Tentacles of Trypanophobia in Trident Territory". It was written by me and we staged the spoof on 30th October 2021 at Rotary Sadan, Kolkata.

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