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This new year show some grit and gumption for resolutions: Don’t celebrate Quitters Day

Right after the much-awaited New Years' Eve party with our near and dear ones, many of us hustle for new years resolutions and resolve to stick to the same from January 1st.

The most common new year's resolutions are: Exercise more, Lose weight, Quit smoking and Eat healthy food, and so on.

If I take a step back here, the convention of new years resolutions can be traced back to 4000 years ago in ancient Babylonian civilization. For them, popular resolutions were returning the rake that they borrowed from the neighbor or paying off the loans.

Now, as they say, New year’s resolutions are made to be broken, the strength attached to a particular resolution fizzled out too soon. As per the Survey conducted by fitness App Strava among 31.5 million sample population, all these resolutions hit the wall and tumble around 2nd Friday of January of the same year. More and more people start giving up on the resolutions that made the day infamous and the day is known as Quitters Day, January 14 is the day for this year. Isn’t it pretty interesting?

Word of caution for you, hold and stick to your resolution very close to your heart and try not to give up on or before January 14. Rather you should try to push yourself for another week and leverage the rule of 21 days to make the new practice a habit. If you can continue the same for 90 days it will be a permanent lifestyle change.

This new year shows some grit and gumption to push your resolution beyond 21 days. If you can push it further and cross the 90 day mark then you deserve a pat on the back !

In case you still grappling for the best resolutions, follow simple stuff like :

  • Be more present

  • Laugh more often

  • Embrace change

  • Chase dreams, not people

  • Say NO when you need to

  • Set and honour your boundaries

Let us learn to look at the stars and that reminds me the golden lines quoted by Oscar Wilde :

We are all in the gutter,

but some of us are

Looking at the stars.

Have a wonderful year of epic transformation! A blissful new year for you and your family!

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