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Two incidents and one remedy: Reform, restructure, and Reboot!

Life has taken a complete U-turn in the last 14 months and pandemic has taken up so much of mind space, now your laugh-cry, emotion-desperation is somehow correlated with Covid.

Covid – 19 is hogging all the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Two incidents happened last week that will push us to think about reform, restructure and reboot so that our old methodologies will be modified to be the just-right fit for our new normal world.

Let us start with the lighter one - six years old Kashmiri girl tweeted our Prime minister and placed an innocent complaint about online education and its burden and the informal video will make an inroad to your heart and mind for its simplicity. You won’t be able to stop yourself and will play the video many times. Now the moot point is to discuss striking the right balance and rigour of online education. Though I am not an educationist, it would be fair to ask whether we are contemplating revamping the education scope-syllabus for the new normal world or hurriedly we are retrofitting old wine in a new bottle! With the second cycle of lockdown in a row and dreadful prediction of the third wave where kids will be more susceptible is a compelling point to initiate restructuring and rebooting the education space. Let us not procrastinate for the third wave to arrive!

The second incident that happened with a Doctor in Assam lynched by a mob after a death of a covid patient and the degree of brutality and intolerance will put you into a state of shock and disbelief. The helpless doctor had nobody to help him from the wrath of the agitated mob.

I don’t want to play any regional card, but, Assam is having this trail of mob attacks on Doctors in the recent past, however, other parts of India have also shown similar intolerance in the past.

A key question on the floor should be - When and how we are planning to save the dignity and interest of the Doctors when they are betting their lives to save ours. How can our legal system draw such a helpless portrait?

Let us seriously revamp the laws related to the crime committed against the doctors and ensures justice is served within 72 hours with strict punishable and non-bailable acts, which will lead to a harsh consequence. This should be well publicized to show the dreaded eye of law.

Though, it may sound a bit harsh, as there is counter-allegation that Doctors are also shunning their responsibilities on many instances, but, then, let us implement a strict code of conduct like the first world country.

Justice has to be served to everyone, and it is only possible if we are contemplating Reform, Restructure and Reboot in a new normal world!

I read this beautiful line which can be the guiding light at this juncture: “Prepare and prevent rather than repair and repent. Measure twice, cut once.”

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