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Tokyo Olympic: It is time to douse the flame of the Olympic torch for a while. Isn’t it?

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Pandemic is not over yet. Though, there are remarkable improvements in some geography, but, there are sporadic upswing in many corners of the globe that includes countries like, Argentina, India and Japan. While the greatest show on earth unveils new dimension to the world best for every discipline and celebrate thumping victory of emerging heroes on athletic turf then on the other side of the coin, there are thousands of people grappling for fresh lease of life. How this irony can be painted on global media without tilting balance of people sentiments. It will be very harsh to read and witness gyration of victor on a podium with the ironical data of Covid 19 side-by-side.

Now, when it comes to the host country Japan – they are thinking of creating a bio bubble within Tokyo. Allowing audience to the Olympic stadiums are still under considerations and there are different opinions on that.

The recent survey in Japan showed about 80% Japanese people does not want Olympic to happen on July this year. In this situation, to go ahead with the scheduled event will be a blooper on Japanese authority’s part. As nobody wants to hear “Nero fiddled while Rome burned”.

Let good sense prevail and douse the flame of Olympic torch for the sake of compassion towards the people who are suffering and losing their near and dear ones.

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