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Digital Twins: a digital mirror for better tomorrow

The concept of digital twins introduced in the year 2002 by Dr.Michael Grieves. The concept is getting matured as the engineering world is now up and running for adoption. Many domains are now leveraging digital twin to gain competitive advantage by driving innovation and predictable performance improvement Let us understand what is a digital twin – it is a complex virtual model that mirrors a physical object or system. This Physical object or system can be a Jet engine, car braking system, a bridge, and so on. A digital twin, in other words, is a set of connected sensors which collect data from the physical model and feed the same to the virtual model. From a technical standpoint, it is a combination of simulation , application of machine learning that resulting in blending of augmented realities (AR) vis-à-vis performances of physical products. Few data on Digital twin space will give us an idea of its adoption and future roadmap : - Digital twin supported solutions in smart cities will reach $3.77 billion by 2026 - Up to 91% of all IoT Platforms will contain some form of digital twinning capability by 2026 - Digital twinning will become standard feature/functionality for IoT Application Enablement by 2028 This cyber-to-digital to physical integration will be a seminal footstep on aerospace, automobile, healthcare, and other industries.

Medical practitioners are already using digital twins to understand and analyze the impact of Covid-19 and enabling them to do ‘What-If’ analysis with data acquired. Days are not far when we will do the digital mapping of criminal’s minds and as well as genius astronaut's mind or author’s mind. The whole civilization will decode the complexities of good-bad and ugly minds with binary data. Let us hope this will have an altruistic run for better tomorrow and not the other way round. Frankenstein effect is something crossing my mind now. That’ll be nightmarish. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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